Our 30-Plus-Year Track Record

By playing a different game and refusing to make false promises, Dan and I earned a reputation for providing real analysis and real advice that real investors can rely on. This is not snake oil, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The financial newsletter landscape is full of wild claims and performance chest-thumping, but how many of the newsletter world’s braggarts will show you their unedited and uninterrupted three-decade-long track record?

We think we’re unique. That’s why The Independent Vanguard Adviser is not your average investment newsletter.

We may have launched The Independent Vanguard Adviser in October 2022, but we have been covering all things Vanguard and recommending Model Portfolios for over three decades. We are continuing the work of our original publication, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, which ran from January 1991 through September 2022.

Below is the full long-term track record linking the performance of our old (discontinued) publication with our current Portfolios:

Our recipe for investment success isn’t complicated: Partner with the best managers and funds that Vanguard offers, then keep trading to a minimum. That means staying diversified, keeping costs low and spending as much time in the markets as possible. It’s simple ... but not easy.

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