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Weekly Brief

Better Than Expected

GDP grew by 0.6% in Q2 | Earnings are flat | The Dow (plus dividends) hit a record | Fitch downgrades the U.S. | Cash Deposit and Cash Plus Account yield update | Vanguard delays manager change | Hong steps away from High-Yield Corporate

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IVA Research

Stashing Cash at Vanguard

Are Vanguard's cash pilot programs—Cash Deposit and Cash Plus Account—better than their tried-and-true money market funds?

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Weekly Brief

The Yield Roller Coaster Rumbles On

Inflation check-in | Municipal money market yield update | Alternative Strategies liquidation reminder

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Weekly Brief

Don’t Rush for the Exit

Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failures | Money Market funds | Is Vanguard Safe? (Yes) | Inflation check-in | Supplemental distributions ahead

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IVA Research

Fleeting Yields

Cash has been king this year. And yields on money markets are tempting but be aware that the current spike in municipal money market yields is likely to prove fleeting. Municipal Money Market’s (VMSXX) yield has more than doubled in December—rising from 1.72% to 3.60% (as

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Quick Take

Money Honey

As I mentioned in the last issue of our old newsletter, Vanguard’s been testing out some new alternatives to their money market funds: Cash Deposit and a new Cash Plus Account. Both use outside banks to provide FDIC insurance and are in what I’d call “beta” mode. But

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