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Location, Location, Location

I’m committed to owning a globally diversified portfolio. But does that require a foreign real estate fund?

| 14 min read
IVA Research

Mapping the World

FUNDS FOCUS – GLOBAL STOCK FUNDS | Global funds are often overlooked by investors, but several of Vanguard’s funds deserve at least a passing glance.

| 19 min read
IVA Research

Revved Up Real Estate

Real estate has delivered stock-like returns but with far greater risk than you’d think, given the fundamentals. What’s an investor to do?

| 12 min read
IVA Research

Investing in Sectors Passively or Not

FUNDS FOCUS — ACTIVE SECTOR FUNDS | Can the Wellington-run sector funds outperform their index competitors?

| 8 min read
IVA Research

Searching the Sectors

FUNDS FOCUS — SECTOR INDEX FUNDS and ETFs | Whether you’re a trader or an investor, Vanguard’s sector index funds can be useful tools. But the potential rewards often blind investors to the risks.

| 22 min read
IVA Research

Keeping Your Balance

FUNDS FOCUS – BALANCED FUNDS | Vanguard’s product stable is full of solid, simple, low-cost, diversified balanced funds—there’s a lot to like. But as my top pick demonstrates, with a little effort, simple can be improved.

| 24 min read