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Lunch Time in the Board Room: 2024

Are Vanguard’s directors invested alongside the shareholders they represent?

| 15 min read
IVA Research

Giving Today and Tomorrow

Vanguard’s Charitable Endowment Program allows you to take a tax benefit today while giving over time.

| 26 min read
Weekly Brief

The S&P 500 Is Leading Today, But Will It Lead Tomorrow?

Market milestones | The S&P doesn’t always win | Welcome, Salim | Awais Khan turns up at abdrn | Distribution timing

| 4 min read
IVA Research

Vanguard’s Profit-Sharing Stalls Out

Vanguard’s profit-sharing plan, the Partnership Plan, gives its C-suiters multi-million-dollar paydays with little transparency.

| 5 min read
Weekly Brief

Can David Catch Goliath?

Market highs | Large stocks outpacing small stocks | Inflation check-in | Vanguard redesigns My Watch List tool

| 5 min read
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Vanguard: ”Don’t call us, we’ll …”

Vanguard has threatened to terminate accounts of investors they feel call too often. Is this any way to run an investment company?

| 7 min read