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Weekly Brief

Let’s Make a Deal

Bond yields rise on government shutdown fears | Vanguard settles with David Danon

| 4 min read
IVA Research

Which Price?

Calculating an ETF’s return is more challenging than you’d think. Vanguard’s tech makes it even more difficult.

| 7 min read
IVA Research

The Value of Ownership?

Vanguard loudly trumpets that it is owned by shareholders of its mutual funds and ETFs. But what rights do we owners actually have?

| 5 min read
Weekly Brief

Do Bonds and Tech Stocks Go Hand-in-Hand?

Bond yields and tech stocks | Earning a real yield | Vanguard files to launch International Dividend Growth | Be wary when transitioning to Vanguard’s brokerage platform | Vanguard introduces MinTax | Cash Deposit is accepting more customers

| 7 min read
Weekly Brief

A Black Eye for Being Green?

Fed fine tunes policy | Bulls outnumber bears | Grant Reid joins Vanguard’s board of directors | Vanguard shifts index funds from one trust to another | Vanguard is accused of greenwashing in Australia

| 6 min read
Weekly Brief

Securities Lending … Not For All

A factory construction boom | Securities lending for the wealthy

| 3 min read