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Which Price?

Calculating an ETF’s return is more challenging than you’d think. Vanguard’s tech makes it even more difficult.

| 7 min read
IVA Research

Location, Location, Location

I’m committed to owning a globally diversified portfolio. But does that require a foreign real estate fund?

| 14 min read
IVA Research

The Value of Ownership?

Vanguard loudly trumpets that it is owned by shareholders of its mutual funds and ETFs. But what rights do we owners actually have?

| 5 min read
IVA Research

Fall Begins in September

October gets a bad rap, but it's September that investors should be wary of.

| 2 min read
IVA Research

Mapping the World

FUNDS FOCUS – GLOBAL STOCK FUNDS | Global funds are often overlooked by investors, but several of Vanguard’s funds deserve at least a passing glance.

| 19 min read
IVA Research

To Stay Home or Travel Abroad

I’ll argue the case for and against holding foreign stock funds; you be the judge.

| 10 min read