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Keep Politics Out of Your Portfolio

Letting politics drive your investments is a loser’s game, no matter your party affiliation. Don’t let election-year noise affect a well-considering investment strategy.

| 5 min read
IVA Research

Where Did the Recession Go?

Consensus expectations for a 2023 recession were wrong. Why?

| 6 min read
IVA Research

The First Shall Be Last

2024 OUTLOOK: A turning point within the market, not for the market.

| 18 min read
Monthly Recap

Looking Forward, Not Back

OCTOBER 2023 | Stocks and bonds both slid in September, but remember, you have to position your portfolio for the future, not the past. Plus, a comparison of my Aggressive and Growth ETF portfolios, an article roundup and the IVA Factor Tracker.

| 8 min read
Weekly Brief

Better Than Expected

GDP grew by 0.6% in Q2 | Earnings are flat | The Dow (plus dividends) hit a record | Fitch downgrades the U.S. | Cash Deposit and Cash Plus Account yield update | Vanguard delays manager change | Hong steps away from High-Yield Corporate

| 5 min read
IVA Research

Noisy Inflation

After hitting a 40-year high, inflation has cooled dramatically. Where does inflation go from here, and what does it mean for investors?

| 13 min read