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Patient, Not Stubborn

The winds were blowing against my Portfolios this year. Is it time to chart a new course?

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Looking Forward, Not Back

OCTOBER 2023 | Stocks and bonds both slid in September, but remember, you have to position your portfolio for the future, not the past. Plus, a comparison of my Aggressive and Growth ETF portfolios, an article roundup and the IVA Factor Tracker.

| 8 min read
Monthly Recap

We Were Promised a Recession

JULY 2023 | With no recession in sight, stocks delivered double-digit returns in the first half of 2023. Be wary of outsized one-year returns and the Super Seven. Plus, an article roundup and the IVA Factor Tracker.

| 9 min read
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What Kind of Investor Are You?

How much should I allocate to stocks versus bonds versus cash? It’s a fundamental question most investors spend too little time on. Here’s how to find the answer that is right for you.

| 16 min read
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In The Mixing Bowl

Our Portfolios follow a simple recipe: Partnership with the best that Vanguard has to offer and patience with the vagaries of the markets. The results of that recipe can be found on the Model Portfolio tab. Of course, Dan and I have tweaked the recipe’s ingredients—the individual funds

| 13 min read
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Less Can Lead To More

My recipe for investment success isn’t complicated: Partner with the best managers and funds that Vanguard has to offer, then try to keep from second-guessing yourself. That means, remain diversified, keep costs low (a given if you stick with Vanguard solely) and spend as much time in the markets

| 9 min read