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My 2023 Scorecard

Grading my 2023 Outlook.

| 6 min read
IVA Research

Super Stocks Put an End to Bear Market

2023 MARKET REVIEW: A profitable year masks large divergences among stocks.

| 7 min read
IVA Research

Markets Rallied, Vanguard’s Tech Didn't

The IVA 2023 Month-By-Month Review.

| 6 min read
IVA Research

The First Shall Be Last

2024 OUTLOOK: A turning point within the market, not for the market.

| 18 min read
IVA Research

Our 2022 Scorecard

Grading my 2022 Outlook.

| 5 min read
IVA Research

A Most Challenging Year

2022 MARKET REVIEW: For conservative investors, 2022 was as difficult as 2008's Global Financial Crisis.

| 10 min read