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Weekly Brief

A Black Eye for Being Green?

Fed fine tunes policy | Bulls outnumber bears | Grant Reid joins Vanguard’s board of directors | Vanguard shifts index funds from one trust to another | Vanguard is accused of greenwashing in Australia

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Weekly Brief

Hitting the Inflation Bullseye

Is Microsoft a value stock? | Final inflation check-in | Does the NZAM alliance violate antitrust law? | Vanguard Charitable expands its lineup | Vanguard’s tech woes continue

| 8 min read
Weekly Brief

Ceiling the Deal?

Debt ceiling negotiations | Inflation check-in | Vanguard can keep buying utility stocks | Bond investors pull out of active funds | Tech glitches at Vanguard

| 7 min read
Weekly Brief

Fed’s Finger on the Button

The Fed is worried about inflation | Housing market slowdown | Short-Term Tax-Exempt Bond ETF launch | Backlash for backing out of the NZAM | Distributions ahead

| 6 min read
Quick Take

Climate Confusion

In yesterday’s Weekly Brief, I told you that pressure from state attorneys general over Vanguard’s involvement in groups like Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) might put their ability to run their index funds at risk. Well, Vanguard caved to the political pressure. On Wednesday they exited the emission-reduction

| 2 min read
Weekly Brief

No One Wins All the Time, But Some Still Win Over Time

Disagreeing with S&P's Persistence Scorecard | Vanguard, utility stocks and FERC | Are regional ESG ETFs on the way?

| 5 min read