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Don’t Forget Munis

Municipal bond funds offer a simple solution for tax-sensitive investors who want to own bonds.

| 12 min read
IVA Research

Vanguard’s Exception to the Rule

Vanguard’s index mutual funds are as tax-friendly as the firm’s ETFs.

| 13 min read
IVA Research

Taxing Returns: 2024

Measuring the bite taxes take out of Vanguard fund returns.

| 22 min read
IVA Research

A Mild Distribution Season Nears

What you need to know to navigate 2023’s year-end cap gain distributions.

| 18 min read
IVA Research

A Sneak Peek

Expect a mild capital gains distribution season this year.

| 6 min read
Weekly Brief

Do Bonds and Tech Stocks Go Hand-in-Hand?

Bond yields and tech stocks | Earning a real yield | Vanguard files to launch International Dividend Growth | Be wary when transitioning to Vanguard’s brokerage platform | Vanguard introduces MinTax | Cash Deposit is accepting more customers

| 7 min read