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Do Bonds and Tech Stocks Go Hand-in-Hand?

Bond yields and tech stocks | Earning a real yield | Vanguard files to launch International Dividend Growth | Be wary when transitioning to Vanguard’s brokerage platform | Vanguard introduces MinTax | Cash Deposit is accepting more customers

| 7 min read
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Can Active Funds Clear the Tax Hurdle?

Index funds have become most investors’ default investment option for at least a couple of good reasons, including low tax exposure. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon active funds—some managers have delivered index-fund-beating returns even after taxes are accounted for.

| 18 min read
IVA Research

Are ETFs More Tax Efficient? No.

ETFs have long been crowned more tax-friendly than mutual funds. That may be true across much of the industry, but not at Vanguard. Compare apples to apples, and there’s no difference from a tax standpoint between a Vanguard Admiral-class index fund and its ETF sibling.

| 18 min read
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Avoiding Tax Bombs

Ignore a fund's turnover if you're trying to avoid a large capital gains distribution.

| 12 min read
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Taxing Returns

Measuring the bite taxes take out of Vanguard fund returns.

| 25 min read
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Are You Farming Your Portfolio Correctly?

Losses can be profitable … if you know how to “harvest” those losses to maximum effect. Most investors don’t do so correctly, and Vanguard, among others, is pushing an automated strategy to correct for it. I think caution is warranted.

| 4 min read