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IVA Research

Lunch Time in the Board Room: 2024

Are Vanguard’s directors invested alongside the shareholders they represent?

15 min read

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IVA Research

Is This Core Fund Built to Last?

INTERVIEW — My exclusive conversation with International Core Stock’s co-managers—Kenny Abrams, Halsey Morris and Anna Lundén—and why I’m sticking with the fund even though Abrams is retiring.

| 17 min read
Weekly Brief

How Long Will the New King Reign?

NVIDIA takes the crown | PRIMECAP and PRIMECAP Core reopen | Putting outflows in context | IRA clarification

| 5 min read
Quick Take

Vanguard Delivers a Partial PRIMECAP Reopening

Vanguard reopens PRIMECAP and PRIMECAP Core.

| 1 min read
IVA Research

Keep Politics Out of Your Portfolio

Letting politics drive your investments is a loser’s game, no matter your party affiliation. Don’t let election-year noise affect a well-considering investment strategy.

| 5 min read
IVA Research

I’m Moving My Small-Biz Retirement Account Out of Vanguard—Here’s Why

With Vanguard selling its small-business retirement accounts to Ascensus, I’ve been searching for a new platform. Here’s why I’m taking my retirement account to E*TRADE.

| 16 min read


Vanguard: ”Don’t call us, we’ll …”

Vanguard has threatened to terminate accounts of investors they feel call too often. Is this any way to run an investment company?

| 7 min read

The First Shall Be Last

2024 OUTLOOK: A turning point within the market, not for the market.

| 18 min read

The Value of Ownership?

Vanguard loudly trumpets that it is owned by shareholders of its mutual funds and ETFs. But what rights do we owners actually have?

| 5 min read


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Over two decades while working at a multi-billion-dollar investment firm, I held titles of intern to CIO (and everything in between). I’ve seen investors make avoidable mistakes time and time again. I aim to share the investment insights and advice I want my family and friends to have so that you can make meaningful investments for yours.

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