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Weekly Brief

Can David Catch Goliath?

Market highs | Large stocks outpacing small stocks | Inflation check-in | Vanguard redesigns My Watch List tool

5 min read

More Insights

IVA Research

Vanguard: ”Don’t call us, we’ll …”

Vanguard has threatened to terminate accounts of investors they feel call too often. Is this any way to run an investment company?

| 7 min read
Weekly Brief

Bonds Are Cheaper Than Stocks

Comparing bond and stock yields | RMD and estimated taxes follow-up | Manager change at Explorer Value | Vanguard portfolio manager Awais Khan steps away from funds | Municipal Cash Management becomes Municipal Low Duration

| 6 min read
IVA Research

Gifting a Roth IRA

Jumpstart a young person’s retirement by investing in a Roth IRA.

| 7 min read
Quick Take

Explorer Value Gets a New Explorer

Vanguard replaces Cardinal Capital with Wellington Management at Explorer Value.

| 2 min read
Monthly Recap

Calm Seas Turning Choppy

June 2024 | Markets haven’t been this calm since 2017, but they’re getting rougher. Plus, some follow-up notes on RMDs, an article roundup, IVA Portfolio Notes and the IVA Factor Tracker.

| 11 min read


The First Shall Be Last

2024 OUTLOOK: A turning point within the market, not for the market.

| 18 min read

The Value of Ownership?

Vanguard loudly trumpets that it is owned by shareholders of its mutual funds and ETFs. But what rights do we owners actually have?

| 5 min read

What Kind of Investor Are You?

How much should I allocate to stocks versus bonds versus cash? It’s a fundamental question most investors spend too little time on. Here’s how to find the answer that is right for you.

| 16 min read


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Hi, I’m Jeff DeMaso.

Welcome to the Independent Vanguard Adviser.

I’ve been a Vanguard investor for over a decade, co-editing the leading newsletter on Vanguard funds and ETFs. I’m a big Vanguard fan, but they are not perfect (nobody is). I’ll tell you the good and the bad when it comes to Vanguard.

Over two decades while working at a multi-billion-dollar investment firm, I held titles of intern to CIO (and everything in between). I’ve seen investors make avoidable mistakes time and time again. I aim to share the investment insights and advice I want my family and friends to have so that you can make meaningful investments for yours.

When investing, I believe in simplicity, diversification and spending time in the market. A simple promise: My family and I will invest in the same funds I recommend to you!

When I’m not poring over Vanguard’s most recent prospectus, you can find me chasing my toddler around the playground or trying to avoid an injury while reliving the glory days on the soccer pitch.