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Monthly Recap

Looking Forward, Not Back

OCTOBER 2023 | Stocks and bonds both slid in September, but remember, you have to position your portfolio for the future, not the past. Plus, a comparison of my Aggressive and Growth ETF portfolios, an article roundup and the IVA Factor Tracker.

8 min read

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Quick Take

Thank you

One year under our belts. Many more to go!

| 1 min read
Weekly Brief

Let’s Make a Deal

Bond yields rise on government shutdown fears | Vanguard settles with David Danon

| 4 min read
IVA Research

Which Price?

Calculating an ETF’s return is more challenging than you’d think. Vanguard’s tech makes it even more difficult.

| 7 min read
Quick Take

When New Isn’t New

Two active bond ETFs are on the way, but you can already buy the mutual fund versions.

| 3 min read
Weekly Brief

Information Over Action

Fed holds steady | Student debt won’t cause a recession | Distribution season

| 4 min read


Thank you

One year under our belts. Many more to go!

| 1 min read

Gifting Your Teen an IRA

Yes. You can start your teen investing in an IRA and provide them with an early seat aboard the retirement train. They probably won’t thank you today … but they will thank you.

| 9 min read

What Kind of Investor Are You?

How much should I allocate to stocks versus bonds versus cash? It’s a fundamental question most investors spend too little time on. Here’s how to find the answer that is right for you.

| 16 min read


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Over two decades while working at a multi-billion-dollar investment firm, I held titles of intern to CIO (and everything in between). I’ve seen investors make avoidable mistakes time and time again. I aim to share the investment insights and advice I want my family and friends to have so that you can make meaningful investments for yours.

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