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Monthly Recap

Lost and Found

MARCH 2024 | Stocks compound wealth, even if they have lost decades. Plus, big moves from big stocks, an article roundup, IVA Portfolio Notes and the IVA Factor Tracker.

| 9 min read
Quick Take

Handing the Torch to TBD

Vanguard’s CEO, Tim Buckley, is retiring at the end of the year. His replacement is to-be-determined.

| 2 min read
Weekly Brief

Digging Through Vanguard's Footnotes

Japan’s Nikkei hits a record | Federal Money Market relegated to the footnotes | Round five for Vanguard’s private equity

| 6 min read
IVA Research

Managing Your Cash

A simple framework for managing your cash needs.

| 15 min read
Weekly Brief

Eyes on the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan’s Nikkei index nears a high | Amazon joins the Dow

| 6 min read
IVA Research

When Cash Isn’t Cash

Cash options are lackluster for Vanguard annuity holders and 529 investors

| 7 min read