Updated with some information about holding Vanguard's PRIMECAP-run funds at Ascensus and E*TRADE.

As I told you in April here and here, Vanguard sold its business of managing small business retirement accounts to a firm called Ascensus. The accounts will move in July. This impacts you if you have an individual 401(k), SIMPLE IRA or multiple-participant SEP IRA at Vanguard. If you have an individual SEP IRA, take a breath—it’s staying put at Vanguard.

When I first wrote about these changes, I promised to tell you what I was doing with my individual Vanguard 401(k). Here’s what I’ve decided:  

I’m moving my Vanguard individual 401(k) to E*TRADE.

To be clear, this is what works for me. You have other choices. The award-winning business journalist Allan Sloan, whom I respect a great deal, is moving his individual 401(k) from Vanguard to Schwab—see here.

I’ll explain my thinking and share what I’ve learned over the past few weeks so you can decide what works for you.

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